The Dutch association for voluntary euthanasia (NVVE) supports the plea of a majority among children’s doctors to make active euthanasia with young children possible.

After all suffering is not bound the limits of age. Children experience suffering as much as adults. The NVVE is of the opinion that children have a right to a dignified death. For courageous doctors who support parents and child in this, there should be no constraints.

A report that shows that 84 percent of the Dutch children’s doctors want that active euthanasia with children between 1 and 12 becomes possible is recently presented to the commons (of the Netherlands). At the moment active euthanasia for children between 1 and 12 is forbidden. The reason is that children in that age group are not considered to be mentally competent. In addition is active euthanasia without request allowed for newly born (under the age of one).

Note that this is not about euthanasia in the strict sense, because one of the main requirements is of that is that the person himself/herself makes the request. Seriously ill children between 1 and 12 years usually don’t have that capacity.

NVVE article in Dutch (for comments about the translation notify the webmaster)


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